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Choose from our selection of books and resources that can be purchased online! 

Starting a Church From the Ground Up
a guide to successfully starting a church

This 155 page manual will give you all of the resources you need to start a Church! From getting people in the door, building location, and your first service to crafting a constitution and bylaws, this manual covers every topic you need in order to plant a church! 

$50 – (+shipping & handling) – (155 pages)


Home on the Rock
An 80-part Lesson Series on Family

Covering every topic of family; this lesson series contains plenty of material to keep the families in your church healthy and growing in the Lord! Purchase below to gain insight into: understanding both genders, marriage, divorce, finances, child rearing, handling teenagers, dealing with young adult children and everything inbetween! 

$35 – (printable pdf) – (or include shipping & handling for hardcopy)

Christian Character Traits
A 52-part Lesson Series

Inside, you’ll find 52 lessons about developing Christian Character traits in your life! Covering topics like obedience, cursing, fear, forgiveness, honesty, and thankfulness, this series was designed to help the listeners cultivate Christian Character in their lives.

$25 – (printable pdf) – (or include shipping & handling for hardcopy)


Building a Family of Faith
A 50-part Lesson Series

Greatness doesn’t just happen. There is a decision that must be made and a price that must be paid – so it is for the Christian family. Great Christian families don’t just exist, they must be made! Here you’ll find 50 lessons on building a family of faith! 

$25 – (printable pdf) – (or include shipping & handling for hardcopy)

Building Blocks of a Successful Christian Life
A 51-part Lesson Series

This year-long lesson series covers character, facing adversity, diligence, accountability, finances, potential and much more!

$25 – (printable pdf) – (or include shipping & handling for hardcopy)

Ladies BOOKS

Life is Sweet
Just add sprinkles!

by Vicky Mutchler

Life is sweet. It is also short, so rather than live with reluctance and regret, let’s live with excitement and enthusiasm! “Donut” worry what’s ahead; let’s face it head-on with God confidence! Let’s do everything we can to make it sweet. Remember, “the joy of the Lord is your strength.” Happiness is a choice we make each day! May each devoion be a SPRINKLE of happiness!

$10 (+shipping & handling) – (192 pages, paperback)


A Cup of Encouragement
90 day Ladies Devotional

by Vicky Mutchler

I would love to sit down at my kitchen table and have a cup of coffee with you to catch up on old times, laugh, and grow together as friends! Because of the miles between us, I am sharing with you A Cup of Encouragement – a 90-day journey to lift your spirits and focus on pleasing Christ. Pour the coffee, and let’s get started!

$10 (+shipping & handling) – (192 pages, paperback)

Children’s Stories

Once Upon a Christmas – CD
Stories for children

by Vicky Mutchler

$8 each or both for $12 (+shipping & handling) – (CD)

Once Upon a Time – CD
Stories for children

by Vicky Mutchler

$8 each or both for $12 (+shipping & handling) – (CD)

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