Joining a group is a great way to get connected here at Grandview!

Chris Vestal
Abundant Life Class

The Abundant Life Class offers a friendly and inviting atmosphere each Sunday morning at 10 am.  We begin class with delicious refreshments and enjoyable fellowship followed by a practical Bible lesson that will strengthen your relationships and promote your walk with God.  You will be challenged and encouraged as we open The Word of God and learn the truths that God has for us. Join us this Sunday as we assemble together.  I am looking forward to meeting you!  -Chris Vestal 

Location: Room M1-14
Time: Sundays @ 10:00AM
For: Everyone 40-65
Contact: cvestal@grandviewcares.com

John Hoxie
Faith & Family Class

Every week, many adults are becoming grounded in their faith and learning answers to their spiritual questions. The Faith & Family Class also offers an exciting time of fellowship, Bible study, as well as an opportunity to meet many new people. This class includes a wonderful group of adults, from all ages, and all walks of life. “The more we know, the more we grow!”

Location: Room E2-10
Time: Sundays @ 10:00AM
For: Couples 30-45
Contact: jwhoxie@gmail.com

Charles Kidwell
Fellowship of L.I.G.H.T Class: Living In God’s Holy Truth

The objectives of our teaching is to fulfill the Great Commission with Discipleship Development.  Also, our class is Bible based; the Word of God is our standard. (Matt. 4:4) Our focus is to teach tools effective for Christian living. The more we know Christ and emulate Him, the more “Christ-like” we become.

Location: Room M2-12
Time: Sundays @ 10:00AM
For: Couples 55-75
Contact: ckidwell@leebarc.com 

Jay Robinson
For A Time Such As This

We are committed to encouraging spiritual growth and worshiping the Living God. We focus on spreading the good news of Christ, interceding with prayer, and glorifying God with changed lives. We wish to strengthen and edify each other in the faith. (I Thessalonians 3:2b) We are fellow laborers in the Gospel of Christ to establish and to strengthen each other concerning our faith. All are welcome, so come add to our fellowship.

Location: Auditorium
Time: Sundays @ 10:00AM
For: Everyone 65+
Contact: inspectorjay@comcast.net 

Gene Pardella
Friendship Bible Class

Our Sunday School class is formatted to embrace the Christian life and walk using topics close to our hearts. In our class we build friendships, share Bible truths, and encourage one another through prayer and example. We also spend time as a group sharing our hearts and our desires to serve God better. Always striving to grow in Christ! God has blessed us with a mix of all ages of active wonderful Christians. Come and join the wonderful music, teaching, and the making of Christian friends! 

Location: Adler Room (M1-17)
Time: Sundays @ 10:00AM
For: Couples 55-75
Contact: gdpardella@msn.com 

TJ Gardiner

The GAP Class is the perfect place for young adults to have their faith challenged during this vital stage of life and continue to grow in their faith through the study of the Word of God. Come and be a part of forming lasting friendships as we grow in our relationships with Christ.

Location: Room M2-10
Time: Sundays @ 10:00AM
For: Singles 18-30
Contact: tjgardiner19@yahoo.com

Justin Lehman
HomeBuilders Class

Homebuilders is a Bible class for growing families and young couples trying to build strong Christian homes. This weekly fellowship will focus on encouraging and equipping adults to be grounded in God’s Word so they can love one another, love their families, serve their church, and reach out to the community with the love of Jesus Christ. It is a place for families or individuals with young children to come together and stay sane!

Location: Room M1-10
Time: Sundays @ 10:00AM
For: Couples with young children
Contact: pastorjustin@grandviewcares.com

Mike Mutchler

Pastor Mike Mutchler & Vicky Mutchler teach an in-depth study of the book of Revelations! Come be a part of this deep dive on end-times prophecy and fellowship with other Christians!

Location: Room M1-12
Time: Sundays @ 10:00AM
For: Anyone seeking to learn more about the end times
Contact: pastor@grandviewcares.com

Jeremy Maulucci
Journey Bible Class

Join us for Christ-centered teaching, breakfast refreshments, and meet  friends for your life’s journey as we grow together in Christ!

Location: Room M2-11
Time: Sundays @ 10:00AM
For: Couples 30-50
Contact: jeremy@grandviewcares.com

Vicky Mutchler
Ladies Bible Study

Join us for a time of fellowship, encouragement, and a relevant Bible lesson as we seek to become the ladies that God intended for us to be. 

Location: Mutchler Home
Time: Mondays @ 9:30AM
For: Ladies of all ages
Contact: mrs_grandview@yahoo.com

Frank Helton
Man Up Class

Join us for a time of fellowship and a relevant Bible lesson as we seek to become the men that God intended for us to be. 

Location: Room A1-02
Time: Sundays @ 10:00AM
For: Single men 40-60
Contact: finfree03@hotmail.com

Mike Mutchler
Men’s Prayer Breakfast

Every saturday Morning, meet us for a time of fellowship, food, coffee, and Bible as we study from God’s word about developing into the men we ought to be.

Location: Room M1-14
Time: Saturdays @ 9:00AM
For: Men of all ages
Contact: pastor@grandviewcares.com 

Tom Tillman
New Bereans Bible Class

Paul commended the Bereans 
because they were careful to 
study God’s word!

“…they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily, whether those things were so.” Acts 17:11b

Together we will study different books of the Bible; we’ll be starting with prophecy and the rapture!
Classes start February 13th, 2022

Location: Room M1-13
Time: Sundays @ 10:00AM
For: Everyone 55+
Contact: tom@heartsoflove.org

STarting point
New member Class

Hosted by Pastor Mutchler and Pastor Lehman, this class allows us to get to know you better and will aid us as we support you on your journey to serve Christ. This group meets once every two months after the morning service for about two hours and enjoys a meal together. During this special time, you will learn how to strengthen your relationship with the Lord, get connected to other people, and find an area to serve. We want you to thrive here at our church and we believe the Grand View Starting Point will go a long way to help guide you down that path. 

Location: Room M1-14
Time: Sundays @ 12:30PM
For: Those interested in learning more about our church.
Next Class: May 15th

John Kendall
Sword of the Spirit Bible Class

Join us in a three-year (or longer!) journey through the Bible, beginning at Genesis 1:1 and studying through Revelation 22:21. 

Classes start February 13th, 2022!

Location: Room M1-11
Time: Sundays @ 10:00AM
For: Anyone interested in learning more about the Bible
Contact: john_kendall@yahoo.com

Mark Johnston
Foundation Class

Join us for a time of food, fellowship, and a relevant Bible lesson as we seek to build our lives upon the true foundation of Jesus Christ.

Location: Room A1-08
Time: Sundays @ 10:00AM
Contact: mtjohnst192@gmail.com

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