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They live under your roof or spend hours in your classroom, but why do they seem to be coming from a different planet?

Technology and cultural influences have increased the divide between the thinking, communication and even learning styles of generations. You may feel it is almost impossible to connect with the children you are called to parent or teach. What do you need to know to help them? How can you better understand how they think and feel? What Bible truth is important for their development? At the Why Conference you will leave with a deep understanding of how to help your student or child with a Biblical Worldview. 

Ben Schettler

Ben is the President of Ask or Think Ministries, which seeks to equip believers in Apologetics, Biblical worldview and cultural engagement through live speaking events and online media.  He is also the cofounder of Pure.Truth.Conference. which has reached thousands of students, faculty, and parents with Bible truth on gender identity, marriage, and sexuality. As a consultant, Ben served as the Faith Outreach Advisor for the Dr. Ben Carson presidential campaign. Ben has also written for the nationally syndicated radio show, The Legal Alert, was writer, co-host, and producer for the Creation Today television show and is currently producing an online apologetic video series called, The Curious Conversation. Ben's passion is contagious, his humor is relatable, and his message is Jesus.

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