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July 22, 2018 PM    The Preacher Says

July 22, 2018 AM     Alive in Christ

May 6, 2018 AM    Putting Faith to the Test
This morning as we continue in the Book of James, we see Faith is put to the Test.  In Hebrews 11:1 it reads: “Not faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”  You cannot see Faith, but James tells us that you can see the effects of Faith.  We can see Biblical Faith by asking three questions

December 31, 2017 AM   Come Before Winter
Paul is here reaching out to Timothy to come to him before winter.  Paul is in a Roman prison and waiting for Timothy to come and be with him.  All of us will have winters in our lives.  Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually.  We will need the same things that Paul asks for .  I hope that this message is a blessing and encouragement to others.

September 24, 2017 AM   Totality - The Christ Life
Theology is “the study of God”.  In this study of Theology, we see that fact that Christ died for us, the sinless for the sinful.  Sadly, it is possible to understand that truth, without allowing that truth to totally change our lives.  We accept it totally while only living it partially.  Today, our message in TOTALITY is: the Christ Life. 

August 13, 2017 AM  A Courageous Life
Today, we continue our series on "Courageous".  Courageous Missions deals with Barnabas and Saul being separated by the Holy Spirit to be sent out of the Church, (as Missionaries).  We too are sent out by the Holy Spirit to be Missionaries to our World.  That is, the world that the Lord has put us in.  Our home, our work place, our Church, etc.  Wherever we find ourselves, we are on a Mission for Christ!  The message today is to challenge us all to realize that everyday, and in every place, we are Missionaries sent by Christ, Empowered by the Holy Spirit, and Equipped by God the Father to do our Mission!  Let's make it happen!!  I hope the message helps you as it has helped me.

July 30, 2017 AM  A Courageous Life
This morning,we continue the summer series called:  COURAGEOUS.  What a blessing to be challenged from the Word of God to be Courageous in our stand for Christ.  Here we have the notes I preached from this Sunday morning.  I hope it is a help to you.

July 23, 2017 PM   Study of Revelation (cont'd)
Tonight, we look at the sixth trumpet judgment and the second woe found in Revelation 9:13-21. God is showing us the future and the Revelation of John is unveiled right before our eyes. What a blessing!  

July 23, 2017 AM  A Courageous Life
This message continues the theme of Courageous.  That is the theme of our summer series.  Today we look at:  The Courageous Child.  It's the story of the lad with five loaves and two small fishes.  In that story, Christ has some important lessons for us to learn and apply.  I hope it will help you as it helps me.

July 9, 2017 PM   Study of Revelation (cont'd)
Continuing our study of the book of Revelation, tonight we are in chapter 9 - The Fifth Trumpet and the First Woe.

July 16, 2017 AM  A Courageous Life
Continuing our sermon series on a Courageous Life, this is a message on Courageous Christianity. 

July 9, 2017 PM   Study of Revelation (cont'd)
Continuing our study of the book of Revelation, tonight we are in chapter 8 - The Seventh Seal and the Four Trumpets.

July 9, 2017 AM  
A Courageous Life
Continuing our sermon series on a Courageous Life, this is a message on The Prodigal Son and COURAGEOUS REPENTANCE. 

June 25, 2017 AM  A Courageous Life
Continuing our sermon series on a Courageous Life, this is a message on David's life.

January 14, 2017 AM
Making an Impact
This message is the first of a three week series called:  Making an Impact.. Impact is our theme for 2017 so I wanted to start the year off with a challenge having shared the Vision last week.  This series is taken from Romans 1:1-16.  Paul certainly made an impact, and 1900 years later, he is still being used of God to touch our lives.  We too by God's grace can make an impact.  I sure enjoyed preaching this message and the people were responsive.  I hope it is a blessing to you as well.

January 14, 2017 PM
The Study of Revelation
This message is the first in the series: A Study of Revelation- The Return of the King.  This message is the introduction to the whole book and covers Revelation 1:1-3.  I so enjoyed preaching it and it was very well attended for a Sunday Evening.  I think our people are going to really enjoy spending most of the year in this Book of the Bible.  I hope you enjoy!

December 25 , 2016 PM
The Call of Christmas
On Christmas morning, I preached the last sermon is a series:  The Call of Christmas.
This message is a recap of each of the previous sermons preached and wrapping it all
up together.  Jesus used several people to bring about the birth and proclamation of
Jesus Christ.  We too are a part of sharing this great news!  I hope you enjoy.

December 21 , 2016 PM The History Behind His Story
History is really the story of God's dealing with man.  Behind the scenes, we
see that God is active and at work.  As we look at Luke 2:1 and Luke 3:1, we
see two men that we usually don't know much about.  That is Caesar Augustus,
and Tiberius Caesar.  In this sermon, we see their history and then the application
of God's using men to do His bidding.  I hope you enjoy this message.

September 25, 2016 AM Final in the Series Unshakeable
In this message we looked at the Church.  The Church of Jesus Christ is unshakable.  It will last till Jesus comes for His Church.  So, when it looks like the Church is declining instead of advancing (at least in America), how do we resolve this to what Christ said?  This is covered and also the reasons I still go to Church are given.  I believe it will challenge us to build our lives upon an unshakable foundation like the Church.  I hope you enjoy.

September 18, 2016 How Men and Woman Act
Help for the Home Series:  This is the first lesson in a series of twelve on the Home.  The series is preached on a Sunday Night Service which is at 5:00pm each Sunday Night.  This first one is called:  "How Men and Women Act".  It is taken from the book of Esther and shows how Vashti, and Esther each act differently and how Ahasuesus, Kings of the Persians, acts as well.  Two natural people, (lost) and one spiritual (Esther).  It is backed up with Scripture and a help in understanding how we act differently.  I think it will be helpful.

July 10, 2016 PM  How Do You Turn Failure Into Success?
Well, that is what happened with Peter.  He failed at fishing, and yet it because his most productive day of fishing ever when he obeyed the simple instructions of Jesus.  Then he left all and followed Jesus, being now commissioned, to catch men instead of fish.  I hope you will enjoy this message and it's outline. 

July 10, 2016 AM  What Do You Fear
What Do You Fear?  The message today is that God has not given us the spirit of Fear, but the spirit of Power, Love, and a Sound Mind.  I know God used the message to help many people.  Folks were saved, baptized, and joined the Church today.  I hope you enjoy the simple outline.

 July 6, 2016   Using Our Influence for Christ

I preached this message on a Wednesday night and since then I've preached it in three difference churches in three different states. I just think it has a great challenge for all of us to see how Lazarus used his influence of being raised from the dead to help others come to Christ. I like the truths and the way it's illustrated. This would be a great message for many others to use as you have opportunity. I hope it is a blessing to you and others.

 July 3, 2016  The Desire for Freedom

There is inherent in all of us as humans a desire to be free.  A desire for freedom.  This desire draws us to the Savior for He is the source of all real freedom

 July 2, 2016  A Really Good Day Goes Bad

Have you ever had a day like that?  Moses did!  He had just enjoyed 40 days and nights with God on Mt. Sinai.  Wow!  What a time that was.  But, then he comes down from the Mountain, and all goes south.  The idol calves are being worshiped, the people are dancing and singing in a terrible way.  Moses has to deal with one of his biggest problems of his ministry on the same day that started so perfect.  The good news is that God will see us through such days as well.  I think you will see how it's developed and illustrated.  Keep in mind that my notes are not written out, they are outlined.  I don't like to read a message, I like to preach it.  I write only enough to remind my what I know I want to say.  I hope you enjoy it.

June 29, 2016  Staying on Top Side

One of the great secrets of a happy, balanced life is to stay on the top side.  You don’t achieve this by avoiding negative circumstances in life, but to the level you do achieve this, it is because you work at controlling your responses to life’s circumstances.

(I get asked often:  How are you doing?  How was your week?  My answer is always:  Great!  And, it is!)Paul told King Agrippa… “I think myself happy….” Pastor Mike Mutchler

March 6, 2016 Resurrection
Today, we start a series entitled:  Resurrection:  What Does God Need to Resurrect In Your Life?  Our text for the series is found in Philippians 3:7-11, with verse 10 "the power of the resurrection" being the focus.  From there we will look at different areas of our lives that Christ needs to Resurrect in us.  This morning, both in the 8:45 service and the 11:00 service, we are looking at Relationships that Christ needs to Resurrect.  The Scripture we look at is Ephesians 5:33-6:4.  Here we will look at four areas of our Relationships that we need Christ to Resurrect in us.  No doubt one or more of these will apply in our lives.  Keep in mind as I give out these notes, I never have a lot of notes from which to preach.  I have more today that normal, but I don't always cover each point as it is written out.  If it speaks to you, you can listen online or watch it from our live stream archive.  I hope it is a blessing to you as it was to me studying and praying through the message. Pastor Mike Mutchler

February 14, 2016  God's Amazing Teaching (PM)
The Sermon for tonight is entitled:  Christ's Amazing Teaching.  Here we see Christ continuing His "Sermon on the Mount" in Matthew chapter six.  In this passage, Christ makes two amazing statements that even to this day still challenge us and cause us to ponder.  Both of them are centered around what Jesus instructs us to "take no thought" of.  They just happen to be the things as humans, we think most about!!  Wow!  I hope this lesson causes us all to question the amount of FAITH we need to obey this instruction from our Lord and Savior.  May God use it to help you today. Pastor Mike Mutchler

February 14, 2016  How Deep is Your Love (Soul) (AM)
The Sermon for this morning fits into our series entitled:  How Deep Is Your Love.  We are told by Christ to Love the Lord our God with all of our hearts, souls, mind, and strength.  Today we are looking at what it means to love God will all of your soul.  I hope we will see that only the new birth that is produced by accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ can allow us to love God like we are commanded to do so.  Without being born again, we have no hope of fulfilling this command of our Savior.  Today we will also see the test given by our Savior to see whether we love God will all of our soul or not.  I hope that this message will be a blessing to you. Pastor Mike Mutchler

November 1, 2015  Lose to Gain (AM)
Today, I preached on:  Lose to Gain.  I started a four week series called:  Believe it, or Not.  There are several paradoxical statements in Scripture.  Like:  You keep your life and you lose it, you lose your life for Christ's sake, and you save it.  To win is to lose, to lose is to win.  To lose is to gain!  I shared the principle and then gave several biblical and personal illustrations of how God works out that principle of when we choose to lose, God turns it around as gain.  I hope you are blessed by this truth.

October 21, 2015:  Always Abounding (Wed PM Service)
The message tonight comes from I Corinthians 15:58.  We are told to be Stedfast, Unmoveable, and Always Abounding in the Work of the Lord.  We are looking tonight at this verse very closely.  Based upon the Resurrection of Jesus Christ as proclaimed in chapter 15, we are told to be therefore:  Stedfast, Unmoveable, and Always Abounding in the Work of the Lord.  I hope you will take on this challenge to keep working for the Lord till He comes again, or until we meet Him in death.  (our promotion)  I hope you will let this familiar passage stir your heart to be always abounding in service for our Lord.

September 27, 2015:  It's My Way or the HIGH Way.  (God's Way) Conclusion to the series (AM)
Today's message concludes the series:  It's My Way or the HIGH Way.  (God's Way)  It is my hope that during these last nine weeks and today, we have been able to see how our ways differ so often with God's way and that without a doubt each time.... He is right!  God thinks differently that we do as humans, but we are called to start thinking His way, and not to expect God to adopt our way of thinking.  I have so enjoy preaching this series and listening as we have had Pastor Chris Vestal and Pastor Steve Frost preach several of these messages.  They have done a wonderful job.  Today we are looking at the GOSPEL.  I know that man thinks they should earn their way to Heaven and acceptance by some deity, but God shows us that the Gospel is totally a work of Christ and that it is free for the asking.  Wow!  What an amazing gift.  I hope this message challenges you as it has me.  

May 24, 2015:  Paul Begins his Travels to Rome (PM)
Tonight, I'm continuing the Book of Acts and we have Paul beginning his journey to Rome in Acts 27.  We will cover verses 1-13 which is the beginning of said journey.  Paul is one of many prisoners here on board this sailing vessel.  One of 276 on board at the time.  We see that the Centurion shows him favor and allows Paul to refresh himself with friends.  How refreshing it is to have friends!  The outline is very simple, but it takes us through these 13 verses.  I hope you enjoy!

May 24, 2015: A Good Solider Remembered (AM)
This weekend we stop and reflect on Memorial Day.  Those who have given so much for the price of our freedoms.  I've entitled the sermon this weekend:  A GOOD SOLDIER REMEMBERED.  The Bible tells us that as Christians, we are in God's Army, and Paul admonishes us to be good soldiers.  So many good men and women of faith have gone on before us and they have paved the way for the walk we have with Christ.  They told us of Christ, they taught us, they preached to us, and many of these good and faithful soldiers of Christ have gone on to heaven.  Today, I remember those who fought for our Country, but also those who fought for our Faith.  I hope it will challenge us all to stay the course as Good Soldiers of Jesus Christ. I hope it is a blessing to you. 

May 13, 2015:  Choose to Lose (PM)

Tonight's message is for our Midweek Service.  I preached on the topic:  Choose to Lose.  Sometimes it cost us to help others.  Sometimes we are taken advantage of, but if we choose to lose, then we have made the decision, not them.  Jesus teaches us to put others first and if we do this, then we never feel slighted, we can feel that we have submitted ourselves willingly in accordance with Scripture.  I hope you will identify with some of my examples, but either way, I hope you will choose to lose and put others first.  
Pastor Mike Mutchler

May 10, 2015: Paul Before Agrippa (PM)
In this message, we continue our series in the Book of Acts.  We are in chapter 26, and Paul presents his life and message before King Agrippa I, and his wife Bernice.  Festus, the governor is also present.  Paul presents his upbringing, his conversion, and his commission.  H understands those who hate him and seek to kill him.  He was once like them, but now he is on fire for God!  He wishes that Agrippa is both almost and altogether such as he is, yet without the bonds.  I think you will enjoy the chapter and how it has been outlined to help our people better understand what takes place in chapter 26 of Acts.  I hope it helps you better understand the chapter.

May 10, 2015:  Man and Woman (AM)
In thinking about Mother's Day and praying about it, the Lord led me to go to the very beginning.  Here we see the story of Adam and Eve; God's creation of the both of them, and God's purpose for them as found in the Scriptures.  The main idea of the message is that after God created man, God said it was "not good for the man to be alone".  So now we see something that is not good, and yet God is going to fix it so that it is good.  He does this by the creation of woman, made out of man, and now the situation is good.  Good not only for Adam, but for the rest of humanity!  Man and woman and marriage is now good, and God is the one who decides what is good or not based on Him being the Creator.  No matter what man decides or votes for, we cannot over ride God's say on His solution to fix the not good to the good.  A woman created out of the man and brought to the man was His solution.  I will begin this with some quotes from some commentators, and then finish with my own simple thoughts on the matter.  It blessed many of our people, and I hope it will you to.

April 26, 2015: What's Next? (AM)
In Acts 9, we see the conversion of Saul of Tarsus.  After calling Jesus "Lord", he asks:  "What wilt thou have me to do?"  Here was a man who knew his life had to change.  He was hateful, vengeful, murderous, and wanted to wipe out Christianity and all Christians with it.  But now, he had yielded to the Savior.  The source from which all Christians looked for Salvation.  He could no longer follow his plans and follow his newly found Savior and Lord.  He had to change.  In other words:  Saul, who we later learn to be Paul the Apostle, was asking:  "What's Next?"  What do I do now?  Sometimes in life we are confronted with a need for change, and at other times we realize that change is not must an option.... we MUST change!  When you come to that place in your life, your marriage, your finances, your future, or even you relationship with Christ.... What do you do next?  This is the subject covered in this message this morning.  I hope you will let God use it to speak to your heart.

April 19, 2015 :   Does God's Word Really Work? (AM)

Does God's Word Really Work?  All of us have to answer that question.  As Christians we know that it does, but far too often we don't let it work in our lives because we do not live in it.  I hope that this message will prompt us to live in God's Word as never before.  Start mega dosing on God's Word and see victory become a regular part of our lives. I hope this message speaks to your heart as it has mine.

April 5, 2015 :   Two Legs and a Piece of an Ear (PM)
Tonight I am stepping away from my preaching through the Book of Acts to preach a sermon entitled:  Two Legs and a Piece of an Ear.  Interesting?   About every five or six years I've preached this sermon to show the philosophy of our Church.  This passage is about God being a great Shepherd who even though the lion or bear has taken the lamb, he reaches in and pulls out two legs or a piece of an ear.  It is about salvaging people.  We will not turn this ole world around, but we can reach into that which the Devil is corrupting and devouring and pull out something for God's Glory.  We can win some, we can change some, and by God's grace.... we will!!  This sermon shares my heart as a Pastor and I believe the efforts of our Church to reach all we can, win all we can, salvage all we can for Christ;  even if it is only a few pieces of the whole..... we are not going to sit by and do nothing!!  I hope you enjoy this simple, but powerful truth.   May God bless you!! 

April 5, 2015 :   Easter Sunday - Why Are We Here? (AM)
Today is Resurrection Sunday!  Easter.  We celebrate the Resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  As I prayed about the message, I wanted to share with all those who choose to attend a few times a year, Easter being one of them, just why we chose to meet each week.  So I entitled the message:  Why Are We Here?  Why do we meet each week?  Why do we show up at Church?  Well, there are many benefits from Church and certainly I could mention many of them and back it up with Scripture, but I chose rather to get to the heart of the matter.  We show up for Jesus!  It isn't the music, the message, the people, the buildings, etc.  It's as simple as Jesus wants to meet with us, and we want to meet with Him.  He has chosen to show up when His children meet together and His showing up makes it all worthwhile.  We all have our opinions on the music, the message, and we get along better with some believers than others, but all of that is secondary to why we meet.  It's all about Jesus!!  My prayer is that this morning's message will point that out clearly.  Keep in mind that this message is on Easter, and it is a busy day in the life of our Church.  We have much going on and I have less time to preach than normal.  The outline is simple, but direct.  You will notice that most all of my outlines are very simple.  A point and some scripture.  If mine were more complicated, I would find myself reading the message or looking more at notes, instead of people.  That's just me.  I'd rather look at people, and trust the Holy Spirit to guide me as to what to say.  Anyway, I hope you can follow along.  I start with the Scripture References I will be reading about the Resurrection for our text, and then the outline of the message.  May God bless you my friend!

April 1, 2015 : Prayer is About Rejoicing - Series Conclusion (PM)
Tonight, we conclude the study on Prayer.  Hopefully in these weeks of looking at the Model Prayer, we have grown in our understanding of prayer and are practicing it much more on a daily basis.  I trust it has helped you as it has helped me.  We have taken this model prayer one phrase at a time.  Prayer is about a relationship with God expressed with daily conversation with our Creator.  Our Savior afforded us this opportunity and we certainly ought to be taking advantage of what Christ provided through the Salvation He gave us.  I hope this last message is a help to you as well.  May God bless!
March 29, 2015 : Private Conversations with Jesus (AM)
Today's message closes out the series on Private Conversations with Jesus... Let's listen in!  I hope that these messages have been a blessing to you, they sure have blessed my heart to study for them and preach them.  The idea of each message is that though Jesus had a private conversations with many people, the Holy Spirit thought that some of them were so significant for all believers to learn an important lesson from that He had them recorded in Scripture.  Today, we see that Jesus has a private conversation with Peter after His resurrection.  I think that this message to Peter by Jesus is so very important that it summarizes the very essence of Christianity.  Let's listen in....

March 22, 2015 : Private Conversations with Jesus (AM);   Book of Acts (PM)
In Sunday morning's message we are continuing a series entitled:  Private Conversations with Jesus.... let's listen in.  The idea of this series is that the Holy Spirit records these private conversations because in each case there is something that every Christian needs to hear.  Usually it is not polite to ease drop, but in these cases, the Holy Spirit records it in the Bible so that we will do just that.  These conversations took place almost two thousand years ago, and yet their message is as fresh as if they were spoken today.  Let's give these conversations our full attention and let the Holy Spirit speak to our hearts the message Jesus Christ has for us. 

In today's message we see that Jesus is having a private conversation with God the Father.  Within the hour, the soldiers will come and Jesus will go with them to be falsely tried and crucified.  This has to be a very private and serious discussion knowing that soon the Son of God will give his life for us, but what Jesus talks about with the Father, the Holy Spirit thinks we should listen in.  The Holy Spirit is giving us insight into just how much Jesus loves us!  He thinks we should hear it from Jesus one last time before Christ gives Himself for us.  It's hard to believe, but this conversation is all about us.  Let's listen in:

In Sunday night's message we are continuing our journey through the book of Acts.  We have come to chapter 25.  Last week, we saw that Felix heard Paul's accusations against him and his defense.  Frankly, Felix didn't know what to make of it.  So, he kept him a  prisoner with liberties granted him.  Last week concluded with Festus coming into power and he is now the new governor of the land.  Tonight we will see once again that the Jews accuse Paul before Porcius Festus , and once again, Paul gives a defense.  Tonight however, Paul will have to appeal to Caesar to escape going back to Jerusalem where he knows they seek to kill him.  Let's look at all of the events that take place in chapter 25, and see how God providentially works out the events to fulfill God's great purpose for the life of Paul, His chosen vessel.  God is working in our lives as well, for He has a great plan for our lives as well.  

March 18, 2015:   Prayer is About Relying
The midweeks message continued the series on Prayer.  This message was on Relying.  The model prayer says:  "and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil".  Here you will find the notes I preached from.  If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at:   I'm more than glad to help you understand any point of this message, or for that fact, any question you have about the Bible.  I don't have all of the answers, but I'll do my best.  These notes are provided for someone who might have missed the message or for those interested in studying the message over again and in more detail.  Thanks for joining in to check out this new feature!

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